ESM inks partnership with Portuguese’s LigaPro club Clube Desportivo Nacional

ESM has formed a partnership with CD Nacional of Portugal’s LigaPro. A Memorandum of Understanding signed recently between ESM Director Virgil Seymour and CD Nacional President Rui Alves aims to share in football resources by providing training and trial opportunities to players identified by ESM throughout Cayman and the wider Caribbean football community.

CD Nacional is located on the island of Madeira in Funchal, Portugal and is perhaps best known as the club where Portuguese International football star Cristiano Ronaldo played as a youth footballer.

‘I’m always excited to broaden the scope of football for Cayman and Caribbean players. CD Nacional is a well respected club and we are very excited to have this opportunity’ says Seymour.

ESM is Cayman’s premier football development programme with ties to clubs in England, Portugal, Holland and the wider European Union.

ESM plans to exercise the terms of the MOU by sending players to Portugal this summer and by planning a youth trip to play in the Cristiano Ronaldo Campus Youth Football tournament at CD Nacional in Madeira in 2020.